Journaling appendix

Mar 25, 2017

* * *

The basic outline of my current OneNote structure

  1. School
    • School years from senior year of high school (2011-2012) to my coterm (2016-2017). Also a section group for college apps.
      • Academic quarters, summers, and long-term
  2. Personal
    • General: A catch-all for cool articles I’ve read, people I admire, and things about myself that I’ve noticed
    • Daily: My daily journal. A dated page for every day.
    • Film: Used to be for making shotlists and links to cool film, photography, and audio technology. Also de-capitalized versions of Film Crit Hulk essays. The pages I usually access nowadays:
      • Ideas: Store images and scenarios that could inspire a film
      • Standup: Observations for when I decide to do standup
      • Video essays: List of YouTube / Vimeo channels that create video essays
      • Animation: Like the Ideas page, but for inspiration that translate better to animation than film (often involves animals, fantasy, or anthropomorphic objects)
    • Travel: Things to do for a place I’m about to go to, dream destinations, tips on getting cheap flights, alternative ways to stay somewhere (e.g. Couchsurfing, WWOOF, JET)
    • Art:
      • Courier: Fine art, graphic design, product design, quotes about art and artists, etc that resonate with me
      • List of curation sites for graphic design, fine art, web design, photography, etc
      • List of artists that impress me
      • Drawing tutorials and links to drawing books (human proportions, perspective, etc)
      • Costume redesign: Superhero costume redesigns are my jam. It’s a unique design challenge of balancing history, utility, symbolism, and aesthetics.
      • Programming: Tutorial sites, essays about higher-level concepts and principles, useful snippets of code that I’ve used in projects, a mini-Courier for well-designed websites
      • Fashion
        • A mini-Courier for clothing + style
        • Inspiration for things I’d like to make (kimonos, backpacks, etc)
        • Random links and images about hair, shoes, and raw denim jeans
      • Comics
        • List of web comics that I’ve come across
        • Ideas for stories I’d make best suited for the comics format
        • Anonymous indie one-shots that I’ve found that I might not be able to find again online
      • Cooking
        • Recipes, list of food blogs, weird things you can do with food (e.g. golden egg)
      • Video games:
        • Notes on video game design
        • Mini-Courier on ideas I’d like to turn into video games
        • How to make video games
        • Links to video game art books
      • Design annoyances: started off as mini-Courier of poorly-designed objects but now also well-designed objects and broader design articles and resources
      • Random pages about lockpicking, Halloween costume ideas, beekeeping, typography, Bret Victor, etc
      • Music
        • List of songs I like that aren’t on Spotify
        • List of homemade YouTube covers that I like
        • Sketchbook: I was really into writing verses in high school. Lots of couplets and off rhymes. Some freestyles from YouTube comments to hip hop instrumentals
        • Songs I could sample for beats / instrumentals
        • List of songs I could mashup, tabbed riffs and licks
        • Medleys I’ve done
        • Technical setup documentation for Ableton and my recording equipment
        • Poetry that resonated with me
        • Geeky audiophile stuff about headphones
        • Podcast setup stuff
        • Earworms
        • Light show songs
    • Connect: Became a catch-all for dealing with people
      • Business ideas
      • Cute things people have done on the Internet to ask someone out or surprise their significant other
      • A couple James Altucher essays
      • Career advice, salary negotiation, etc
      • Notes and cautions about startup life
      • Raw land (that’s a story for another day…)
    • Body
      • Workout regimens
      • Nutritional frameworks (IIFYM, intermittent fasting)
      • Martial arts that I’d like to learn
      • Polyphasic sleep
      • Flexibility
      • An essay on Pele
  3. GTD
    • Various attempts at to-do list systems

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