Notes: Unmistakeable by Srinivas Rao

Jan 30, 2017

* * *

I enjoyed Rao's journey with surfing, but the rest of the book seemed like a loose compilation of podcast episode summaries

There will be critics

Mars Dorian

Jia Jiang

Brian Koehn

The further you paddle out, the quieter the critics get

We are ruled by numbers that we'll never be enough for

Victor Saad

Ella Luna

Mattan Griffel

Ignore or defy expectations + best practices

Misfit conference held in random locations, capped at 50 people

Erik Wahl

Golriz Lucina

Fear is a sign that you should be doing this

Brad Montague

Life is a series of false horizons - Ed Helms on Off Camera

Cumulative output and experience that determines level of mastery

Greg Hartle

Unmistakability is tied to not pleasing everybody

Ashley Ambirge

Thomas Mitchell

Chris Sacca

Seth Godin

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