Notes: Art of People by Dave Kerpen

Jan 22, 2017

* * *

1. Understanding yourself and people

3. Questions to get to know someone

4. Shut up and listen

5. Most people are lonely; help them feel connected

2. Meeting the right people

6. Wear orange shoes

7. How to meet anyone

8. Form personal advisory board

9. Hire slow, fire fast

10. Blow people off

  1. Physical interaction (handshake) to indicate both the beginning and the end of the conversation
  2. Frank, direct, to-the-point conversation
  3. Providing value to the other person before ending the conversation

3. Reading people

13. Always accept the water

14. Only bluff in poker

15. Mirroring

4. Connecting with people

16. Validate

17. The most important question to ask in a first meeting

18. Online persona

20. Platinum rule

5. Influencing people

21. Help people come up with your idea

23. Storytelling is a much better communication tool than selling

25. Walk into the room like you own it

6. Changing people’s minds

26. You never get what you don’t ask for

27. Better to be happy than right

28. Manage up

29. Go beyond the humblebrag

7. Teaching people

32. Soar with your strengths

33. Be a coach, not a teacher

34. Use an accountability partner

8. Leading people

35. Leadership

37. “Fantastic”

38. Always be the one to break bad news

39. Practice gratitude every day

40. Everybody wants to be a leader

9. Resolving conflict with people

42. Let cooler heads prevail

43. Let go

44. Marriage argument system

10. Inspiring people

45. It’s not about you

48. Praise

11. Keeping people happy

49. Surprise and delight

50. Write physical thank you notes

51. An intro a day

52. Bonsai as gift

“Here’s to your growth, our growth, and the growth of this bonsai.”

53. Be a good curator


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