Figure Drawing

Mar 2015 - presentart

After switching majors junior year, I had the opportunity to take an anatomical drawing class with the awesome Lauren Toomer. We worked out of the Stanford medical school, where we had access to skeletons, cadavers, and prosections. After the initial nerves wore off, I gained a much deeper appreciation for the human body and its form.

Fast forward a quarter, and I was nominated to be the peer advisor for the Art Department. One of my duties was to supervise the figure drawing classes held every Monday night with a live nude model. The two hours of observation and concentrated sketching became my weekly retreat from the hustle and grind of Stanford life. As I gained experience, I became more comfortable experimenting with my style. Through figure drawing, I enjoy testing how far I could exaggerate bodily proportions while still maintaining recognizable forms.

Out here in New York, participating in drink-and-draws has been a great way for me to continue practicing and meet new people!

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