portrait of the artist as a young manportrait of the artist as a young man

I’m currently a graduate student at Stanford University studying computer science. I have a diverse background in various creative fields and a general interest in making things.

In high school, I made lots of short films with my friend Sida, drew and painted, and dabbled in music production.

I came in as a very undecided freshman to Stanford, and declared Computer Science by sophomore year because it seemed like the default thing to do when you’re ambivalent and confused at Stanford. I ended up switching majors to Art Studio my junior year the first day back from winter break and applied for a master’s degree in CS as well. It’s a long-winded story that you can read here.

A lot of my work experiences have involved design in some aspect, starting off in graphic design and photography, but I’ve branched into more interdisciplinary and coding-based projects by integrating my past experiences with what I’ve learned in design thinking and computer science.

During my last year in the academic world for the foreseeable future, I’ll be conducting research and applying for jobs!

I built this site from scratch with Harp, Jeet, and include-media. Fonts are Roboto Slab and your system font!