East Florence Moore

Aug 2014 - Jun 2015design, community

As a staff member for Alondra, a frosh dorm on campus, my official job was just to set up computers/printers and diagnose tech-related problems for residents. I knew how much my Otero staff members had influenced my own frosh experience, and I wanted to do all I could for my incoming kids as well.

I taught a computer literacy class in the fall and a multimedia production class in the winter, each with over 30% of the dorm enrolling each quarter. I utilized my media experience to decorate the dorm, design dorm apparel, and just generally make frosh feel at home! I gained more experience working on teams with my dorm staff of 6 and the dorm complex staff of 12.

Throughout the year, I realized how much behind-the-scenes work went into coordinating events and ensuring our residents' well-being. I learned to appreciate the freshmen experience from another perspective. Overall, it was an incredibly rewarding job that's taught me a lot about building and maintaining a community.