Frost Festival

May 2017art

I was invited to do the visuals for the opening act for Frost Festival! I really wish I had better documentation of this one — I couldn’t film because I was matching the visuals to the music on-the-fly using a MIDI controller and shots from the audience were too far to really focus on the visuals. These ones are mainly from the dress rehearsal before the show.

Preparation was fun and stressful, as I was juggling schoolwork and communicating both with the band and festival coordinators. It wasn’t until the day of that I realized that most people were not going to notice or care that the visuals were being controlled live. It’s tricky because it definitely felt like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, and it was definitely worth doing. It was a good learning moment to realize that even though I usually don’t care about who sees my art, in performance-based pieces such as this, I definitely expected some form of acknowledgement.