Sep - Dec 2014design, cs

Unguided was created for CS147, the introduction to Human-Computer Interaction course at Stanford. My proposal for a location-based storytelling application was one of 54 ideas out of 300 selected. I led a four-person team to test and expand my original idea into a high-fidelity web prototype. As manager and design lead, I coordinated team members to complete weekly assignments and reports and created the UI over multiple iterations. I couldn't have asked for a better team! We were each able to complement each other's strengths and had ridiculous work ethics.

The project won "Best Startup Idea" at the final presentation by a panel of industry judges. We were even encouraged by a Lightspeed VC partner to pursue the project with them, but my team felt finished with the project and we parted ways after the quarter.

Check out the website and play with the final prototype here